50 AMP

Date of Birth:
This Bull comes to us from our friend Jimmy Jones. Together with Jimmy, we and Broken Wagon Cattle Company will utilize this Bull's unique tools in 2015. He has crazy back ward horn direction and will certainly have outstanding base as well. CURRENTLY LEASED TO COURGAR RIDGE LONGHORNS. (UT.)
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Pace Texas Longhorns
Jimmy Jones
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Tip to Tip74.000010/14/2018Both sides of horn have broke 
My thanks to our good friends Scott Pace and Jimmy Jones for giving us the opportunity to use 50 AMP to clean up after Rocket Man for our 2018 breeding season. 50 AMP is a Big Full Bodied Bull who has a beautiful  horn set, span, and color. Hard to beat the genetic mix he brings to the table.We are more than thrilled to see what comes of this.   Van Beere